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Friday, February 10, 2012

When Things Go Too Far.

It’s inevitable I guess, that turn of events that happens from one degree to it’s furthest polar opposite.  I think that is a situation that is currently happening with our kids, and our school systems.

Bullying, drug abuse, sexual abuse, and violence.

It all has to stop. Everyone, I believe, agrees with that score.

For the threat of violence, the polar opposite was to ban any type of weapon, and by weapon I mean plastic knives.

For sexual abuse, the polar opposite seems to be to fire all the teachers in a school (and perhaps that was the right move). It also means accusing 8 year olds of sexual harassment when they tell their teacher they are cute (and perhaps that most definitely was NOT the right move).

For drug abuse, the polar opposite was to ban any drug, even Tylenol (which I think is going a little far).

But for bullying, the polar opposite seems a sticky point.

Case in point: A Virginia school district is considering a ban on cross dressing. They wish to do this for the protection of the students, avoiding distraction, that kind of thing.

The Virginia ACLU is threatening to sue. They, as well as members of the community say that it’s not right to ban cross dressing and that more efforts should be put into curbing bullying.

Well, this has made me think long and hard on who might be right and who might be wrong.

Even kids have rights.  Kids should be allowed to express themselves. But I am a firm believer that kids rights are not the same rights as adults. Why? Because, hey, they aren’t adults. That’s why they aren’t allowed to make a lot of their own decisions. Like drive a car until they reach a certain age, drink until they reach a certain age, or live on their own until a certain age. They also shouldn’t be allowed to do anything that endangers the welfare of others.

I think that this ban should be allowed.

As for the ACLU, well, how are we supposed to put more concentration on eradicating bullying?  Putting peace officers or guards in the schools? Who is going to pay for that? Movies and programs on anti-bullying? Do you really think kids are going to watch and be indoctrinated when their friends and family have a lot more influence on them and.. who is going to pay for these movies and programs? What happens when a kid loses control and gains hold of a peace officers gun, or a guards taser? Could there be another Columbine waiting, just as we wonder the same due to bullying?

I find all this humorous in a sad way.

The simple answer is this. We need to remember that kids are kids. They have rights, up to a certain point. They the right to be treated well by their parents, be educated so they can become responsible citizens (we hope) and the right not to be hurt. They have the right to a home, food, and healthcare (although plenty of kids go without the last). But as for their right to express themselves, there should be RULES.

What is up with these kid’s parents anyway? I wouldn’t let my kid cross dress at school anymore than I would let my daughter dress like a hooker at school. It really does boil down to that.

Look, if a kid wants to cross dress? Fine. If they want to be a cross dresser when they are at home, out of school and away from the school environment? Fine. If, when they reach 18 and graduate, they want to cross dress 24/7, more power to them. It’s their business at that point.

Allowing kids to express themselves in such a manner that brings such attention to themselves and puts them in danger is plain wrong. Allowing them to do so in a school setting is not only wrong, but you aren’t doing these kids any favors.

I can imagine what would happen if I decided to dress up as Batman and go to work every day in an office. Can you? Let me fill you in.

It would go something like this:

Mr. Jones, what do you think you are doing?

What do you mean?

Why are dressed up as Batman at the office today?

Because, well, I love Batman, and I think I look rather fetching in this costume.

Mr. Jones, go home and change. Now.

No way dude! I’m expressing myself!

Mr. Jones, you’re fired. SECURITY!

That’s right, I would be fired if I refused to quit. What if I decided to dress as a knight and carry a sword? I would probably be arrested. As an adult, I know there are rules that I must follow. We need to teach our kids that when they are grown and on their own, there will be rules that they must follow. It doesn’t matter if we agree with them, or if we like them. If we want to survive in the world, then we have to follow rules. Some of these rules are in the form of laws. By allowing kids to ignore rules in their formative years, we are setting them up for thinking they can disregard rules as adults.

Please tell me I’m not the only one to see this.

Again, understand me. If someone wants to cross dress, no matter if it’s a girl or a boy, fine. But do on their own time, away from school (which should be regarded as a training ground for what the world will be like when they grow up and get out of school).

I say let them pass the ban. There is nothing wrong with a little order and discipline and perhaps, just perhaps, they will be one step closer to being prepared for the future.