The Journey Starts Here

Welcome to my odd sense of humor. Not always for the faint of heart.

About The Doc

I like to write.  I write on differnt topics, but I have this irritating habbit of trying to be funny. Please note, I'm not always funny, but I do try.  I also love to read.  I read books in various genres and I like it that way.  I'm a bit (or as my wife would say, A BIG) of a nerd.  I have a passioin for gadgets but unfortuneately, my budget doesn't allow me to buy lots of gadgets.  It makes me feel like a woman who can't afford chocolate.  But that's life.

I have an odd sense of humor. There are just so many funny things in this world, and I often find myself poking fun at them. So, to make life interesting, I will sometimes write about it. From my daily life, things from the news, things I observe, all are fair game.

I hope you enjoy my posts, rants, and stories. Feel free to comment, and share me around. Really, tell all your friends and send them to this blog.  I insist.