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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Awesome is as Awesome Does

Well, today is one of those days when the "funny" is out sight seeing, or shopping, or sleeping a wild night off in the woods.  Who knows with "funny"?  Ok, well maybe I do what "funny" is up to, but some things are not fit for public consumption. There will be days like that I guess.  So, since the "funny" is available, I thought I would give you a visual feast of awesomeness.  Yes, a feast.  I figures most of you are still pretty full from Thanksgiving so this feast won't fill your tummy up, but it might make your eyes pop out. I know mine did a few times.

Some people are very talented, very stupid, and/or very stupid.  Some times, you can someone who combines all three and when you do, you get to witness some pretty amazing things.  If you have a video camera on you, well you can share with the world.

So Since the "funny" is M.I.A., I would like to present to you some pretty awesome people doing some pretty awesome things.  What pretty awesome thing have you done?  Leave a comment!

Enjoy!  And if "funny" shows up, you'll be hearing from me again later.

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