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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Work, Work, Work and Then Some More Work for Dessert and The Bass Pro Shop

I had planned on posting something today.  Honest.  I’m not trying to put you all off, because hey, I know you wait by the computer simply so you can read what I write.  But today was rather busy.

First, I had to run a friend around town to various places because he can’t drive and I am the picture of good will.

The funny thing though, was we went to the Bass Pro Shop.  Normally, I would have expected to see rednecks wall to wall.  It is, after all, the Bass Pro Shop.  You know, full of fishing, hunting, and camping gear, as well fishing boats and ATV’s.  Did I see rednecks?  Yes I did.  Did I see non-rednecks?  Yes I did.  Besides your normal run of the mill redneck, the place was PACKED with, well, baby boomers and people who seriously doubt know one end of a fishing rod from another.  You know, the kind of people who are most likely to spend their weekends in a mall, a museum, or in Starbucks drinking ridiculously priced coffee, slinging croissants and writing on the MacBooks.  Why they were there?  A complete mystery.  In fact, the place was so packed with people, you could barely MOVE.  I asked one of the employees if they were giving stuff away, since it was so packed, but he said no and had NO idea what the deal was.  He also added, in a rather cranky aside, that it had been like this for a week.

So, if you come to Richmond, Virginia, the place to hang is apparently the Bass Pro Shop.  A place where rednecks, boomers and the artsy types come together as one.  If this isn’t a quantum rip in the universe, I don’t know what is.  I’m seriously freaked out though and I’m not going near that place again anytime soon.

The second thing was that I had a lot of paperwork and other things to do for work.  So, although I didn’t get the post I wanted done, I wanted to check in, see how you were all doing and tell you about my rather busy day because I know you all wanted to know.

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