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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Or Best Offer" Really? Man have I got a deal for you!

I’m a firm believer in being able to sell something you own.  It really doesn’t matter to me if it’s a fair price, a market style price, or way underpriced.  Since you, as an individual is selling the item, you should be able to ask what you want.  The same is not true for corporations (for the most part).  All of this Governed by what people are willing to pay for an item.  Take for example, the Apple iPad.  If people didn’t believe it was worth what they are charging for it, they wouldn’t be buying it. 

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for necessities, such as Gasoline. Ahem.

So, if you are individual selling, for arguments sake, a book, and you ask $ 50.00 dollars for it because you believe it has sentimental value and is a first edition, it’s possible you might find a buyer willing to pay that price.  Or not.  The same can be said for cars.  If you have a modern car, and want to sell it, you can list it for sale for whatever price you want, and maybe you will sell it for that price.  Or maybe not.

But one thing that absolutely gets under my skin is the term “Or Best Offer”.

Look.  If you want to sell something, list you price and take your chances.  Like say, a car.  Chances are, a halfway smart individual will at least look up the value of the car and see if you’re asking price is reasonable.  Then the decision will be down to; A) if that individual has the money), and B) if the item is good enough condition to be worth that kind of money.

But what is that “Or Best Offer” crap?

I will tell you what it is.  It’s a nuisance. 

I’m a nice guy.  I really am.  But if I see something I might be interested in, and it has a price along with “or best offer”, well then you deserve the aggravation of dealing with me.  If you’re asking $ 4,0000.00 “Or Best Offer”, then the following is likely to happen.  If I think I can re-sell the item and make money, and it sits there for sale for a few weeks, then I’m likely to say, since you’re accepting “or best offer”, my offer is $ 10.00.  Or maybe a $ 1.00.  Depending on what is being sold.  If it’s a car, I might go as high as $ 100.00, if it’s in good shape.  Then I will turn around and sell it for below the market value and make me some money.

Why?  Because chances are, it’s likely the person selling the item is asking to much for it, knows it, and just wants to see how close to their asking price they can get for it.

So just so you know, if you have a nice motorcycle that is worth $ 1,000, and ask $ 1,200 “or best offer”, expect me at your door offering $ 50.  If you say no, don’t worry, I won’t get mad.  I’ll just shrug and walk away.

I don’t know why, but “or best offer” really gets under my skin.


  1. I liked you post. Is that the best offering you have?

  2. Hi Doc,
    Liked your post and I suspect we share an odd sense of humor. In fact, I am working on a blog post where I am (screwing around really)setting up a new social network call Status QUO for all people that are quirky, unusual or odd. I think you might want to join.

    Anyway..found your thoughts funny but I will tell you I love that OBO on anything for sale. It's like a seller challenging you to a dual. "Just let's see how low I will go?" GAME ON.

  3. How about my best offer is you give it to me and throw in 100 dollar for me...That's my type of offer. Loved your post!