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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another Guest Post Today

I like how my wife decided that since her friend from NY was in town, I somehow had to find time between running them around, entertaining them, and running to the store for them, to post on her blogs for her.

Eh, she knows where I sleep and loves sharp objects so I of course DID manage to find the time.  Somehow.  It involved lots of alcohol, and a time machine build by aliens.  But that's another story.

So head on over, take a look see at Write Now Write Later.


  1. I read your post on your best friend. If you go to my blog, I have in my sidebar things sorted topically by tag. One of those is My Idea. I have bought a domain name and want to create a website that eventually will become a non-profit organization. Establishing it as such right now is not at the top of my list b/c I am not ready to accept any money, so it isn't an issue. However, I have already figured out that web design is NOT my thing. How is this? Because I tried to do some fairly simple stuff and cranked up my existing migraine to a decibel that nearly made me want to rip my head off. That pretty well le tme know that this is territory I probably shouldn't be treading around in. I don't know if your friend does web design. If so, have him look at the posts under the My Idea tag. It will give him a fairly good idea of what this is about. If he is at all interested, my email is on my blog. I have faith that the right person will be drawn to this project. It is just a matter of connection.

  2. Hahah I did read that post. Funny man you be! :P