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Monday, November 22, 2010

A Brokenhearted Trail

There was a guy with a big heart, who just so happened to like young adult and teenagers and not in some kinky perverted way so get your mind out of the gutter.

He felt for them, because there are so many things that you have to go through as a teenager and a young adult. The big hearted man had been though these things himself, as a teen and as a young adult. Luckily, because this man acted like a kid himself, he was able to relate to these groups of the populace at large.

Since this man with the big heart was a minister, he decided to get involved with youth ministry. For awhile, he was very happy, and he felt like he was actually making a difference in a few lives. It made the man feel self worth, made him happy, made him feel like he had finally found what he was supposed to do in this world. All was well and right with the world for 2 years.

Then a bad thing happened.

It wasn’t an illegal thing, or a horrible thing, just a bad thing. You see, the big hearted man had trouble with the man in charge of the place where the big hearted man did his youth ministry. Things began to unravel and the big hearted man became sad. Very sad. In the end, the big hearted man had to leave this place. The youth who once called him at all hours of the day and night suddenly wouldn’t have anything to do with him and treated him like he was not a big hearted man, but a bad man. This made the big hearted man even sadder.

He had hoped to find another place where he could once again become involved and make a difference. After a few months of searching, he thought he had found this place. So he went there, not with the intent to take over, but just to get involved. Maybe help out. Unfortunately, he met with resistance, and wariness, and rumors. Then, once again, a bad thing happened. This was a different bad thing than before, but in the end, the big hearted man no longer felt welcome, despite the best efforts of the man in charge of the new place, who also happened to have a big heart.

Perhaps the big hearted man should have stayed and tried to work through it, but in the end, he felt he couldn’t, for various personal reasons. Once again, the big hearted man was sad.

The big hearted man began to feel lost. The trail he had been traveling became rocky, and had steep hills to climb and he became tired and simply lost his way in the wilderness.

Well, the big hearted man didn’t like feeling this way. So, he decided to try and explore other avenues, to try and reach out, to try and make a difference, once again.

He tried and tried several ideas. The problem was, everywhere he went, he met with resistance and ridicule. The resistance wasn’t so bad, but the ridicule was. That was hard for the big hearted man to take. So now, the big hearted man has stepped back, not knowing what else to do, feeling sad, lost and awkward. Maybe one day, something will happen, some door will open, and the big hearted man can once again find it in himself to try and make a difference. Maybe.

But, the big hearted man learned a valuable lesson. There are many ways to have your heart broken, and all of them hurt just as bad.

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